Lawn Care St Louis

Two Boys and a Lawn Mower LLC is a locally owned and operated lawn care company in St Louis, MO.  We have proudly been servicing the St. Louis and St. Charles metro areas since 2005.  Two Boys and a Lawn Mower LLC makes it a point to put our customer’s needs first.  Providing a reliable, professional lawn care service customized to each customers needs is of utmost importance to us… we feel this is what separates us from our competition and what has kept us in business for the last seven years.  Our Corporate Philosophy:

  • We want to EARN your business.
  • We take pride in our work.
  • We will customize our service to meet your needs.

If you are in the St. Louis or St. Charles Metro area, please give us a call for a no hassle, free lawn care consultation.

Lawn Care Service

Our lawn service consists of mowing the lawn, edging the lines, and full clean up. We are confident you will be satisfied with our service.  In fact, we are willing to take half off of your first lawn service to give you an opportunity to try out our service at a discounted rate.  Give a us a call and mention our online special to take advantage of this offer.

Lawn Mowing

The first step in our professional St. Louis lawn service is mowing your lawn on a weekly basis.  We mow your lawn with our professional lawn mowing equipment that will leave your lawn with clean, professional stripes like you in Busch Stadium.

Edging and Line Trimming

The second step is to edge around your driveway, walk ways, patios, and other surfaces.  Will we also trim around all trees, fences, and other items.


The final step is to clean up all of the clippings and leave your lawn with a professional appearance.


We also provide landscape maintenance, mulch, and other small landscaping services throughout the St. Louis area.

Landscape & Lawn Maintenance

Maintaining landscaping is a time consuming, labor intensive task that most would rather avoid.  Well do yourself a favor and avoid it.  If you are in the St. Louis area, have us come out to pull your weeds, water your plants, prune your bushes and shrubs, and trim your trees.


We recommend a spring and fall mulch application as part of your lawn care program.  We will also edge each of your mulch beds to give your yard a professional appearance.

Small Landscaping Jobs

Please give us a call if you have a small landscaping job request in the St. Louis metro area.

Leaf Removal

When all the leaves have fallen off your trees, count on us to pick them up and haul them away. Leaf removal jobs are priced by the hour per employee on the job.


The perfect compliment to our lawn care service is our fertilizer application service.  We offer an exclusive 4 step fertilizer applicaiton process that will give you the greenest lawn in St. Louis.

Core Aeration

We recommend our Core Aeration service to all of our St. Louis lawn care customers. Core Aeration opens the surface of the turf to allow air, water, and fertilizer to reach the roots of the turf. Pair Core Aeration with our fertilizer and other lawn care services to maximize your benefits.

Commercial Lawn Care

Two Boys and a Lawn Mower provides professional lawn care services to businesses, apartment complexes, home owners associates, neighborhood common grounds, and other commercial properties in the St. Louis metro area.

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