Fertilizer Applications in St. Louis

We recommend The Turf Plan Fertilizer…

The Turf Plan

The Turf Plan is St. Louis’s elite fertilizer program.  Two Boys and a Lawn Mower’s owner, Bill DiMercurio, co-owns and operates The Turf Plan.  We recommend the following program to ensure the greenest lawn possible in St. Louis.

4 Step Lawn Fertilization Program…

Many of our clients have made inquiries relative to an annual lawn fertilization program. Based upon everyone’s interest we have developed a 4 step annual program. This program was developed by me and a St. Louis agronomist who is very familiar with the requirements of our rather challenging Missouri lawn care environment. The program consists of….

Application 1- End of March/Beginning of April

This fertilizer application will green up your lawn from the winter dormancy, and provide a boost for the beginning of the spring growing season. More importantly, this application will provide the nutrients for your lawns root system.

Application 2- First week of June

This application will be the same formula as the first application in order to maintain maximum bright green color and most importantly, to continue development of your lawns root system preparing for the intense summer heat.

Application 3- First week of September

The increased nitrogen in this application will restore the green color in your lawn that was lost due to the stress of the summer heat and prepare the grass for the cooler season ahead.

Application 4- Late October

This final application for the season will promote cosmetic appearance of the lawn by keeping it deep green far into the winter season.