First Ever Holiday Sale and Leaf Removal Service

The Turf Plan
Hello Friends, and Followers of THE Turf Plan®!

We’ve never done this before, but we’re going to have a “20% OFF EVERYTHING IN STOCK” sale!  This offer is good for in-store purchases only…and not through the cart on the website.  (We don’t want to sell stuff that might not exist.)

This is a great opportunity to load up on the entire line of Repellex® varmint repellents (deer, rabbit, mole and vole), and stuff you know you’ll use next season, like nutsedge killer and broadleaf killer.

How about some great gift ideas?  The Earthway® fertilizer spreader makes a great Christmas gift for that person that does the lawn work.  It takes a lot less energy to push this big-balloon-tire spreader than it does one with little itty bitty plastic wheels.  The Scarecrow® motion-activated sprinkler is one of the most effective deer repellent products on the market.  One of our customers in Town and Country, who lives right next to Queeny Park, where deer are as thick-as-acorns-under-an-oak, managed to keep the deer off his hostas all season long, using three sprinklers (one for each side of the house).  If you can’t kill them, and you don’t like stinky sprays, then the sprinkler deterrent is the way to go.

Several products are in short supply…Platinum Step 8 and the crabgrass herbicides for Steps 1 and 2.  If these are your target show up early!

Need help with those leaves?  Contact Bill at Two Boys & A Lawn Mower at 314-477-5617 or

Thanks again for a great season.  We’re lucky to have FANTASTIC customers.

Bill & Jeff